Aloe Vera extract is considered one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cancer treatment.  Recent article: Dr. Ivan Danhoff, MD, PhD, was using Aloe Vera extracts in a cancer clinic in Texas and getting great results with his patients. He was in the process of going through hoops to obtain new drug status using his research on over 100 cancer victims who had gotten amazing results.  The recovery rate was 80 percents.  Unfortunately before Dr. Danhoff was able to submit his clinic results, the FDA put a stop to this process. The FDA was apparently ‘responding to complaints from local oncologists who were losing patients. Not one patient had complained’. If anything, cancer patients who were recieving treatment, were furious to be denied effective non-invasive treatments of their choice over ‘business complaints from the cancer industry’.

Alo Vera has not only helped cancer patients, but has many other benefits.

The best cure is prevention! Improve your immune system by leading a healthy lifestyle, so that you’re not a victim of FDA.

2 Responses to “Newport Beach Chiropractor: FDA Shuts Down Cancer Cure”

  • Ron Paul Fan:

    The FDA needs to be shut down. Those numbskulls don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Banning Aloe Vera yet allowing toxic metals from china to be included in children toys.


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